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°150g flour
°75g sugar
°75g butter
°1 C. vanilla powder
°1 egg
°1 pinch of salt
°icing sugar


Mix the flour, sugar, vanilla and salt in a bowl. Add the butter and knead with your fingertips until you get a sandy paste. Quickly add the egg to the preparation and mix until you get a smooth ball of dough.
Cover with a clean tea towel and let rest for 30 minutes in a cool place. Preheat the oven to th.7 (200°C).
Roll out the dough on a floured work surface. Cut out the cookies using a cookie cutter to bake them. Place the cookies on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake for 10 minutes. Let the cookies cool when they come out of the oven.
Store cookies in an airtight container until serving. Dust them with icing sugar to serve.
Enjoy !
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