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Ingredients :
°500g minced pork and beef
° an onion
° 1 nice big slice of ham on the bone
° old-fashioned mustard
° salt and pepper
°1 egg
* Methods:
Peel and chop onion
Mix the mince, egg and chopped onion so that all the ingredients are evenly distributed and season to taste
Coarsely spread the slice of ham with old-fashioned mustard
Wrap the slice of ham on itself and place it on the mince, in the mold
Put the rest of the mince on top and make sure that there is a free edge on top to leave room for cooking.
Put in the oven at 200° (th6-7) for about 40 min, to make sure that the meatloaf is well cooked, a good trick exists, prick in the center with the tip of a knife, if it comes out without resistance and without meat on it, it is ready to be tasted.
You can also decorate the meatloaf with vegetables such as mushrooms for example, however avoid vegetables such as peppers and tomatoes which could not only distort the taste of the ingredients present but also be very indigestible and much too acidic with the combination of the mustard.
Enjoy your meal !
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