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°1 white onion
°2 half c flour
°2 tsp paprika
°1 tsp cayenne pepper
°1 tsp garlic powder
°half tsp of oregano
°salt & pepper to taste
°2 eggs
°1 half cup milk
°1 L vegetable oil
* Methods
In  bowl, Blend flour, spices, salt & pepper.
In any other bowl, whisk eggs and milk till combined. Put apart.
Cut ½ inch off the pointed give up of the onion even as leaving the other root give up intact. Then dispose of the paper skin.
Placing onion reduce aspect down on a reducing board. Starting ¾ inch from the root, reduce vertically down to the board the usage of a pointy knife.
Repeat vertical cuts down approximately half inch aside at the edge, taking care now no longer to overlap preceding cuts. You must get 10-15 cuts in total.
Flip onion and open the “petals” of the onion together along with your hands till it looks as if a flower. Put aside.
Dip onion in reserved flour aggregate to absolutely cowl. Then lightly shake off the extra flour.
Gently dip to reserved egg mixture to absolutely cowl. For great results, allow the onion soak withinside the batter for 10 mins.
Return the onion to the flour mixture one greater time and cowl absolutely.
Placing onion on plate & freeze for 30-60 min to set.
Fill deep fryer or saucepan with three inches of oil and warmth to 350°F. Line a plate with paper towel and set aside.
Sauté the onion for three-four mins till golden. Then flip it over with a slotted spoon and cook for some greater mins till golden brown.
Remove the onion to a organized plate. Serve with an optional dip and Enjoy !
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