A few years ago it was quite difficult to think that we would have a year like this, in which global games focused on the railway theme would be released in the Play Store. Railroad Tycoon was one of the best examples to follow when you wanted to focus on trains, so with the long shadow of that video game, we sensed that it would take more titles to reach Android.

Train Conduct World

This year, 2021,  has been a very good one for this theme in which simulators tend to take a greater role, although with three of the four games on the list, the tables are turned to be before the most fun and peculiar arcade. 4 are the games that we show you in this post and video so that you can enjoy them this summer. Just keep reading!

A video game that mixes simulation and arcade, although the fun it offers takes more prominence by having to take the trains along the tracks of the same color. We can almost say that it is the best game of the four on this list for knowing how to mix these two different ways of understanding what a video game is, all seasoned by great visual quality. The graphic quality that it displays is so extraordinary, making anyone who plays it want to keep playing, again and again.

Conduct This!

The arcade here is the important thing and you will have to know how to choose the change of direction on the tracks to direct all that troop of trains that rush over the train stations to return and pick up those travelers wanting to change of scenery on dates like in which we are. Conduct This! it also boasts a great visual design and a pleasant soundtrack that will accompany us through all its levels.

Tracky train

The train version of Crossy Roads, especially for using the same visual style so characteristic of this game in which we have to help a poor chicken cross the road. Tracky Train puts us before the laying of the tracks so that behind us the train that will pick up the passengers at the stations through which we make it pass runs at full speed.

Tiny rails

It is the one with the greatest simulation element of the four and that will put you in the shoes of the grandson who picks up the baton from the railway company created by his grandfather. You will have a side view of your train and its travels between towns and cities, so you have to improve it with new wagons and comforts for the passengers who will take it at each destination.

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