There is no doubt that in recent years technology has revolutionized our way of life and our daily routines. And not only this, but it has also changed our conception on some specific issues, for example: Global game. Many are the people, both adults and young people, who were reluctant to this world, as a result of the latest generation mobile phones, every day there are more people who dedicate their free time to playing games of all kinds of mobile games, which also They are very easy to get and totally free, downloading through the store. What more could you ask for?

It is possible to have a large library of games of all kinds for free

Whether we have the Android operating system or that of the apple giant (IOS) we can find in its store an endless number of totally free games of all kinds of themes, many of them highly entertaining and addictive, as is the case with 4 photos 1 Word of the Indie 2HL Apps developers, who have also added the most used languages ​​(French, Spanish, English and German) so that we do not have problems when using this game, regardless of where we test it from.

It is addictive due to the simplicity of its rules and the ability it gives us to motivate, as we will level up as we play, which makes each new game more and more complicated, which will make us not want to stop playing. play, but encourages us to keep trying again and again and thus put ourselves to the test to achieve our goals. Although there are also micro transactions for when we get stuck and need clues or level up a little faster, as usually happens in this type of video game.

User comments are indicative of full satisfaction

This game of 4 photos and 1 word is a global game that we can find in the PlayStore and AppStore, since it has many positive opinions. As we have said, it has 4 out of 5 stars and that is something that very few applications achieve. Hence the statement that the opinions expressed by users are really useful and thus indicate that it really is a game that is worthwhile.

The best thing about this game is that, not only for us, but also ideal for the little ones in the house, since this application will stimulate curiosity while increasing their vocabulary, that is, they will learn having fun with 4 photos and 1 word. There are testimonials from some users who assure that this game is helping their children to want to continue reading, writing, and they feel much more skilled in their daily teaching routines, as this game will make them able to learn more quickly, and even we can change the language of the game so that they learn words and phrases made in other languages.

The key to its success lies in its simplicity, which makes it a truly addictive game, getting adults and children to come together to play this curious and personal trivia game. It has more than 120 levels, so the fun will last many hours, plus its rewards system is what makes you want to keep playing and striving to get to the next level. So, as we can see, it is a great global game that we should not miss, since we will love it from the first second.

By Babar

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