In the “Fable 3” video game series, demon doors have held precious treasures for centuries. Demon doors will only give you his treasure if you fulfill his strange requests. There are six doors open in “Fable III”, and each one hides a prize, such as a rare costume or weapon. If you open every door in the Kingdom of Albion, get the 40 points “Free them!” Xbox 360 achievement.

Useful instructions 

• Talk to the demon door in Millfields to find out that it only opens for ugly, fat people. To fulfill your request, head to Bowerstone and buy beer, meat, patties, and cheese. Eat and drink until you start to gain weight. To see if you have enough fat, pause the game and select “Hero Status.” You’re pretty fat if the arrow is on the far right of the “Weight” meter. When you’re fat, go into the Armory and pajamas. Dye each item in the set a different color to impress and unlock the demon’s door.

• Invite a second player to your game and head to the demon gate in Mistpeak valley. You need the lover expression pack by this door; If you don’t have it, buy it on the way to the rule. Next to the person and hold the “A” button to hug him. Release the button when the controller vibrates. Hold “A” again to kiss him. Hold “A” one more time to propose. A menu will appear; you must choose a marital residence from this menu. When you are married, the door of the devil opens.

• Go to your marital home with your partner to have a child. Alternatively, pay 500 gold to adopt a child from the Bowerstone orphanage. Take the boy with you to the Brightwall Village Demon Gate. Hold “A” to hug your child and the demon door opens.

• Acquire 100 guild stamps and then pause the game to enter the Sanctuary. Go to the road to the ruler area, where you can level up your skills. Buy the skill ranged from level 5 or level 5 melee. Departure from the Sanctuary. Kill enemies with any weapon to level up. When the weapon reaches level 5, in front of the demon gate in Mourningwood. Take out the gun to open the demon door.

• Totally bad or totally moral decisions while playing the game. Moral decisions include donations to the treasury and renovation of Bowerstone. Bad options include stealing from the treasure and turning the Bowerstone orphanage into a brothel. When you are totally bad or totally good, speak to the demon gate in Aurora city to open it.

Play the game until you become king or queen. Talk to the demon door of the house. You acknowledge your rights and open immediately.

So, dealing with demon doors in Fable 3 doesn’t seem as difficult as previously thought. Hopefully what has been described above can help you understand this game better.

By Babar

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