In addition to being a cinematographic reference for all generations, the dream factory usually includes certain elements in all its films, including Disney Plus Movies.

Disney resource Mickey, always accompanied by Minnie, Donald, Daisy and other characters, is the emblem of the factory. There is no one who has not seen (at least) a Disney movie, since its production spans several generations. The first great bet of the dream factory came in 1937 with ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’. Today, more than 80 years after that first title, his industry continues unstoppable: not only has he gained a legion of followers, but he has empowered an entire empire around the magic of his creations. It has several clothing lines, theme parks where you can even say ‘yes, I do’, and even jobs (very well paid) inspired by its most iconic characters.

Although it has evolved over the years, thanks to innovative technologies applied to the film industry and the purchase of other large companies (Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm …), Disney maintains several common elements in its animated films that little or nothing has changed since that first story of young Snow White.

Common traits in Disney Plus Movies

Mothers absent

It is rare the time that the mother figure appears in Disney films, especially in the most classic ones. Most characters do not have a mother, either because they lose her at the beginning of the film, or because she is no longer present when it begins: Snow White, Beauty (from ‘Beauty and the Beast’), Dumbo and countless other titles. There are rumors that say that it was Walt Disney himself who expressed that the mother figures were left out of the stories, after the death of his. Only in ‘Brave’, the Disney-Pixar princess who broke all stereotypes, does the mother have a fundamental role in the story.

Well thought out names

Despite the number of characters that the factory has created (some more popular than the movies themselves), none of their names are chosen at random, and they are loaded with symbolism. For example, Lumière from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a chandelier and its name means light in French. The same goes for Bambi (boy in Italian) or Pumbaa from ‘The Lion King’, which in Swahili means sloppy, a defining characteristic of the character.

The secret code

A test only suitable for experts: once you have enjoyed all the titles, you have to see them again to try to find the secret code: A113. It appears in unexpected places (the diver’s camera in ‘Finding Nemo’, on the license plate of a plane in ‘Cars’ or a car in ‘Toy Story’, in the ear of one of the mice from ‘Ratatouille’, in a classroom of ‘Monsters University’ …), but it is not only found in all Disney titles, but also in animated television series.

Everything is connected

The famous (and already more than evident) ‘easter eggs’ between Disney and Pixar show that all films are connected (another challenge for Disney lovers). Thus, for example, in ‘Monstruos S.A.’ Jessie and the ‘Toy Story’ ball can be seen in little Boo’s room, who also gives Sully a Nemo toy. Also, at Elsa’s coronation in ‘Frozen’, you can see Rapunzel and Flynn, from ‘Tangled’; in ‘Brave’ you can see a carving of Sully in Wood and thus, endless references that make the factory’s productions a unique universe.

Life lessons

There is no doubt that all Disney movies have a vital message or lesson that, in most cases, is easy to decipher. Because, who does not remember that of “beauty is inside”, of ‘Beauty and the beast’ or the “keep swimming”, of ‘Finding Nemo’ that ensures that you do not have to give up? The list of teachings, like that of movies, is (almost) eternal.

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