Choosing a new desktop computer can be a confusing task. Two brands that you probably recognize are Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard. HP has been making computers for a long time and is one of the largest printer manufacturers in America. Lenovo is not that well known. However, the company offers some quality desktop computers at competitive prices. There are many points to consider when comparing the two brands. Lenovo vs HP? Let’s compare the two!

Lenovo offers two desktop product lines: the Value line and the IdeaCentre.

Lenovo’s value-line desktops are divided into two versions, the H series and C series. The H series starts at US $ 279 and comes in different models that cost up to US $ 429. The H series offers traditional desktops that they incorporate a tower type casing. The C series computers range from $ 449 to $ 549. Rather than being a tower PC, the C series is an all-in-one computer with a 20-inch screen.

Lenovo IdeaCentre desktops are divided into three versions: K-series, Q-series, and A-series. The K-series computers are traditional tower desktops ranging in price from $ 429 to $ 469. The series Q is only available in a model that costs US $ 499. The Q series is considered a multimedia PC for use with home theater systems, just as it is used as a PC. The Q series is much more compact and considered a mini computer. The A series contains a line of all-in-one PCs from Lenovo. They range in price from US $ 67 to US $ 1,399. Notable features include 21.5-inch widescreen and dual-core processors are standard.

HP Desktop Product Line

HP currently offers four major desktop product lines: Pavilion, Pavilion Slimline, Pavilion Elite, and Touch Smart.

HP Pavilion desktops range in price from $ 269.99 to $ 549.99. These computers feature a traditional tower case and are the low-end of the HP desktop line.

HP Pavilion Slimline PCs range in price from $ 289.99 to $ 429.99 with basic configurations. These desktops are encased in a slimmer, more compact case and are the mid-range of HP’s desktop lineup.

HP Pavilion Elite desktops range from $ 579.99 to $ 999.99 for basic configurations. These desks feature a traditional tower case and are the top end of HP’s line of action.

HP Touch Smart desktops start at $ 949.99, going up to $ 1,349.99. These desktops feature an all-in-one enclosure with a built-in monitor.


Both HP and Lenovo offer modern-looking designs. In terms of style and elegant looks, it’s all a matter of preference. However, Lenovo desktops have smoother lines and a more refined look. The HP look more traditional. However, they do feature a glossy black finish.

Value and price

Both Lenovo and HP offer some of the best prices in the PC market. Value-wise, they both offer similar specs, but Lenovo is a bit cheaper. For example, the Lenovo all-in-one PC starts at $ 649 versus an HP all-in-one PC that starts at $ 950.


Warranties come standard with both brands, and one year parts and labor are offered. You can get a two-year warranty on Lenovo desktops for an extra $ 99 and three years for $ 159. Two years are available on HP desktops for $ 139.99, three years for $ 139.99. 149.99 and four years for $ 199.99.

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