Presently accessible on all stages, PUBG Update 11.1 once again introduces Paramo, the well known 3×3 guide set in the good countries of South America. The update likewise denotes the beginning of another positioned season, presents the new Emergency Pickup things, grows the Expert Award framework, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

See beneath for extended update subtleties, or look at the full fix notes for PC and reassure. You can likewise see the new 11.1 fix report video on youtube.

New Ranked Season

Beginning with Season 11, Positioned Seasons will run for a two-month time span, which means these seasons will not, at this point run in corresponding with Survivor Passes. Thus, changes have been made to how rewards are carried out. Also, bring forth paces of all weapons have been expanded in all guides to all the more intently line up with the rates found in PUBG’s Esports mode.

Emergency Pickup

 Another vehicle device has been added that permits Survivors and their crews to rapidly get across the Milestones to the following safe zone. With the Emergency Pickup thing, Survivors can send a high-height Fulton Inflatable. When the inflatable is completely swelled, a plane will show up in 60 seconds to get Survivors. When the plane shows up, up to four Survivors will be raised into the air and conveyed toward the focal point of the White Zone until they choose to nonconformist and parachute back to the Landmark beneath. While this thing is weighty and can draw expanded consideration from close by adversaries, it tends to be utilized to beat the Blue Zone, cross adversary controlled region rapidly or plunder a far off area to discover incredible stuff. The Emergency Pickup is a lootable thing just found on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi.

Mastery Medals

To improve ways Survivors can track and feature their key in-game achievements, Season 11 acquaints refreshes with the Dominance Decoration framework. There are presently 10 new awards that can be procured through different Landmarks accomplishments attached to battle circumstances and endurance – or on account of the “So Close” decoration, practically enduring. Authority Decorations can be gained in both Typical and Positioned matches, in any case, are inaccessible to acquire in Arcade, Lab, or Custom matches.


Identified with the Authority Award update, Survivors would now be able to flaunt their acquired decoration as a feature of the patched up PUBG ID. As well as having the option to amount to two decorations, Survivors can find extra ways to customize PUBG ID through the Customization tab.

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