Mobile games are all the rage and now that the holidays are coming it’s a good time to take advantage of them. Maybe you should read these latest games news. You don’t have to carry anything else in your suitcase except your mobile and they are perfect for having fun wherever you are and wherever you go: if there is nothing to do in your town, if you get bored on the beach … Today we show you the best tips for playing on your mobile this summer.

Extra life

Playing on your mobile is fun, there are latest games to be hooked on for hours and you may not realize that advanced graphics and so much fun is causing your mobile phone to drain its battery. Avoid it before it’s hopeless. How? Lower the screen brightness, for example. Disable connections that you are not using such as Bluetooth or WiFi, for example, if it is a game that you can play offline. All this will reduce battery consumption. You can also bet on an external battery that allows you to give yourself a little more life when you no longer have autonomy.

Use a good phone

A good phone is essential if you like to play on your mobile and you do it regularly. You may need to invest more in devices that ensure your playing comfort. Relying on cheap smartphones will only waste your precious time. A difference of 100-200 dollars for a much better experience can be considered. Want to choose a mobile device that suits your favorite game

Be careful with the data

Be careful with mobile data in the summer or the troubles will come later. If you are playing online, you will be wasting data. There are very entertaining games that you can play offline but if you play online we will give you a series of tips (in the next post) that you can follow so that at the end of the month you do not see how your bill has grown more than necessary.

Take care of your mobile

Playing is fun and allows you to have a good time but be careful with your mobile. Pay attention to the places you play and don’t feel the need to carry your phone with you everywhere like on the beach or in the pool. Your mobile can be damaged if you bathe it often.

Take care yourself

Not only take care of your mobile, you must also take care of yourself. Be careful with using your mobile to play at all hours because it can cause you more than one problem. Beware of walking around with the phone while playing because you can collide with people, with streetlights … And, of course, the game can wait and play while driving shouldn’t even cross your mind. Pokémon Go, for example, caused more than 100,000 traffic accidents in the United States. Don’t be in a hurry and have fun but always with your head.

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