Pokémon GO, Minecraft, Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite, Clash of Clans … what is the most popular new games 2021? What is the most popular mobile game today? It is difficult to have a firm answer, because the fashions are very flexible. One thing that all the games on this list have in common is that they are “live” games, which are updated almost daily with new content, updates, events … not to mention the power of influence that youtubers and streamers have, capable of raising a very modest game over games with a much bigger budget. Surely you already know what game we are talking about …

In this list, we are going to see which are the most popular Android or iOS games. Obviously this list of popular mobile games is constantly changing … although the truth is that the games do not usually change much.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO revolutionized our lives, but five years later, Niantic’s is still one of the most popular mobile games. This universal adapter will allow you to play on your mobile using the PS4 DualShock in the perfect posture. It is adjustable to smartphones of different sizes. In fact, although it is no longer on the news, its income has only increased year after year, while functions such as raids, online exchanges, increasingly complex events, seasons, and of course Pokémon of all generations.

Brawl Stars

Finnish studio Supercell is responsible for some of the biggest hits in mobile gaming history. In fact, Brawl Stars is just one of three games from the studio that you’ll see on this list. All its games are characterized by their colorful appearance and simplicity, which make them attractive to all audiences. Brawl Stars is a hybrid between a third person “hero shooter” and a MOBA.

Genshin Impact

The open world RPG, also available on PC and PS4, is one of the most spectacular games you can play on your mobile, and it is also free. Genshin Impact is an open world RPG, accessible to all types of players, but with a lot of depth, many characters to farm, and continuous events to keep us entertained. In addition, it is free to play.

Clash Royale

Another one of Supercell’s games, and it probably needs no introduction. Clash Royale combines elements of card games and tower defense to improve our strength and troops, while we compete with other players online. Another triumph: making a strategy-based genre accessible and fun for all audiences.

Free Fire

It is one of the most popular battle royales, and also exclusive to mobiles. 50 players parachute and must survive on an island, searching for weapons and supplies.

Clash of Clans

The most popular of Supercell’s games, one of the first (it came out in 2012), and also the one that gets us the easiest. In Clash of Clans we build our own town using resources that we obtain from attacking other players. It will never go out of style.


Minecraft turns ten years old in 2021, so it has already fascinated several generations with its unlimited possibilities for creation, whose social component (whether playing with friends, sharing creations or watching videos on the internet) is inseparable from its success.

Interestingly, it is almost the only game on the list that is paid. And look, we are generally reluctant to pay for mobile games, but Minecraft, with all the hours of fun it offers, I don’t think anyone is complaining.

So which one do you choose?

By Babar

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