For a few years now, the video game sector has been living its golden age, releasing more and more new video games. Not only is it a hobby but it has become an industry in continuous growth that adds more followers every day and demands qualified professionals in different areas.

The industry

The video game industry is an economic sector where it is developed and distributed and that encompasses millions of people. The history of video games begins in the 1940s after the end of World War II, although the most modern video games of that time did not come out until 1960.

Game console types

There are two types of game console: tabletop and portable.

Table. They are more powerful and cost a lot of money. The downside of these consoles is that they are more uncomfortable to transport.

The oldest machine was the Master System (1940) and the newest ones to date are the PS5 and Xbox Series X (2020).

Laptops. These consoles with respect to the tabletop ones are of lower power, although they are more affordable economically and you can take it anywhere without difficulty.

The oldest was the Atary Linx (1987) and the most current is the Nintendo Switch (2018)

What economic and social impact is it having?

The economic impact has been very important in the last 5-10 years. I’m going to talk to you about three games that have triumphed in these years and that continue to do so today.

The first is the Grand Theft auto V that in three days reached the figure of 800 million dollars and that only came out on PS3, PS4, XBOX 360 AND XBOX ONE, finally it also came out on PC. It is currently one of the best-selling video games in history.

The second is Fortnite. A video game that came out in 2011, practically nobody knew about it until this year it went viral to the point of becoming one of the most played video games in recent years.

It is a Battle Royale game in which 100 people fall on a parachute and have to pick up weapons that are on the ground or in houses in order to survive.

What has most attracted many people to play it is its ‘free to play’ mode and that every week they release very interesting new things.

Another reason for its success is that it can be played online and allows interaction with many people.

ElRubiusOMG held a tournament with 100 youtubers and broke the record for viewers in a live show. More than a million people watching the tournament at the same time.

The last one is FIFA. A soccer game that has been competing for many years with another of its category, Pro Evolution Soccer. Despite the fact that it was unrivaled in its early days, it has not attracted players much for years.

The biggest attraction of FIFA is that every year they do things better:

    They add more entertaining game modes.

    Graphically it is very good.

    The gameplay is better

What has been liked the most is Ultimate Team, an online game mode with a lot of appeal since playing you can earn coins to buy players or to open envelopes, these envelopes bring players in the form of cards with which you can play or sell.


The video game industry continues to grow rapidly, and maybe in the next 5 years we will encounter games that are much different from anything we see today.

By Babar

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