WeeWorld is a virtual game where you could meet new individuals and companions. It permits you to make a game character that appears as though you. This game accompanies awesome things which you could use to plan your place and welcome your recently familiar companions for a gathering. There are various areas in games like weeworld, for example, the sea shore where your character could unwind, swim and visit with companions.

This game is exceptionally well known and amusing to play with however there are additionally different games that are like WeeWorld that you could appreciate as well.


In OurWorld, you could make a 2D symbol variant of yourself. In this game you will actually want to play and joint with kids from everywhere the glove. You can blend around, talk with anybody and bring in tokens or virtual money in its scaled down games. With your cash, you could purchase garments to dress your symbol.

Club Penguin 

Club Penguin accompanies intermittent occasions and gatherings. As a penguin in the game, your house is an igloo which could be enhanced. You will be given a pet in this game which you should deal with. In this game you will actually want to meet new companions and add them to your amigo list.


Made by Donnerwood media, Meez permits you to make a 3D character that will address you. In this game there are distinctive themed places like outlands, hellfire’s kitchen, and so on where you could party. Through Meez, you could have new companions whom you could talk with, share connects to films or recordings.

Receptacle Weevils 

In BinWeevils you could investigate and go an undertaking as a six-legged bug. You will have a home in this game where you could rest. There are every day assignments or difficulties that will be given and whenever you have achieved one, you could go to the following level.


In this game you will go as a charming Panda and dress your panda as you would wish it would look. This game permits you to have fans coming from long range informal communication which makes this game an incredible spot to meet and chill. You could visit with your panda-mates and have your own pet. This game is prescribed not exclusively to kids however to a wide range old enough gathering.

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