These are the GTA games that you can play on Android presently. GTA four and five are not ported at this point and would remain so for the not so distant future.

GTA or Great Robbery Auto is a long-running match-up establishment that has been around for over 20 years now. There have been 7 mainline titles and 4 handheld titles delivered… in any case, not every one of them are accessible to play on Android.

In this article, we would rattle off all the GTA games that you can really download and play on Android and rank them dependent on how great they are.

5. GTA Liberty City Stories 

GTA Liberty City Stories is a handheld prequel to GTA III, which utilizes the equivalent “Freedom City” (New York) as the principle area. The story follows the strides of mobster Antonio “Toni” Cipriani, Wear Salvatore Leone (of GTA III’s) second in order, and his excursion to make the Leone family the most impressive wrongdoing association in the city.

The ongoing interaction of Freedom City Stories is the typical GTA equation of activity experience in an open world climate.

4. GTA Chinatown Wars

This is really the most up to date GTA game on this rundown. Chinatown Wars begins much uniquely in contrast to some other games in the establishment, with you being important for the Set of three (Chinese American mafia) rather than simply the typical criminal organization.

The tale of Chinatown Wars is only the standard GTA story of selling out and retribution, with the hero getting violated by his previous partners and left for dead. The ongoing interaction a piece of Chinatown Wars is in reality obviously superior to you would have expected, with the game intended for handheld/contact gadgets as a matter of course as opposed to depending on burdensome controls.


GTA III is presumably the main passage in the entire arrangement – it is the start of the “advanced” time and the first with a 3D climate. In this game, players would venture into the shoes of Claude, one more deceived criminal out for retribution. He would go head to head with the recently referenced Wear Salvatore Leone, kill him and become the big cheese in the city’s criminal hidden world.

While GTA III is superior to the past game story-wise, its ongoing interaction isn’t close to as great with inconvenient controls and absence of planned mechanics.

2. GTA Vice City 

The fourth fundamental section of the arrangement and presumably the most celebrated one. In GTA Vice City, you would play as the criminal Tommy Vercetti whose fantasy is to turn into the top supervisor of the city. The most awesome aspect of this game is likely the settings – Bad habit City depends on Miami during the 80s, a city loaded up with neon lights and indecencies.

Interactivity savvy, it is a stage up from GTA III, with a great deal of new mechanics getting added.

1. GTA San Andreas

The seventh titles in the GTA arrangement and likely the most well known one. San Andreas is the last principle title of the “3D period” of GTA and is likely the most nostalgic title that gamers of that time have played. GTA San Andreas’ story is somewhat unique in relation to other GTA games, with the hero CJ returning to the city after an excursion rather than the standard thing “retribution” schtick.

After seeing the sorry condition of his loved ones, CJ chose to remain in Los Santos and work with the family to get them once more. This is likely the best game in the 3D period, with the most powerful mechanics, journeys and stories.

You can track down every one of the 5 GTA games on Android by perusing for them in the Google Play Store.

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